Membership Guide

Become a member today by simply making your first purchase of at least S$100 (after discount).

Here are some of the online membership benefits:

  • 10% off returning purchases (excluding shuttlecocks, stringing service, and sale items)
  • One-time 15% off during your birthday month

Redeem your member benefits here.

Not sure how to redeem your benefits? Check out the guide below.

How to redeem online membership discount after becoming member in our retail store?

After filling up the membership form in our retail store, follow the steps below:

1. Register for an online account here

2. Once you have completed Step 1 above, inform us via email at or the contact form here 

3. We will award you the points necessary to claim a 10% discount code for your next purchase. Each purchase you make thereafter will earn you enough points to claim the next 10% discount code, thereby ensuring that you will enjoy your 10% off for all subsequent purchases.

4. Follow the steps below to claim your discount code

Guide with Screenshots

1. Registering for account 

2. After registering, you can click on the "Membership" tab on the bottom right. You will have 0 points at first (screenshot below shows after 100 points have been awarded by us). For members who have registered in the retail store, follow the steps in the section above

3. Click "View" or "Ways to redeem" (see above image) then redeem your discount code.

4. Remember to use your discount code at the checkout page!


Redeem Membership Benefits

10% Off Future Orders

To redeem:

Step 1

Sign in with your account, and make any purchase of at least S$100.

Step 2

After your first purchase of at least $100, you will receive membership points.

Step 3

Click here to redeem 10% off coupon with your membership points. Remember to use the discount code at the checkout page.

Step 4

Every purchase you make is awarded points, so you will always have enough points to redeem 10% off for future purchases.

Excludes stringing services and shuttlecocks.

15% Off Birthday Month

To redeem:

Step 1

Click here. Under "Celebrate your Birthday", key in your birthday. This needs to be entered a month in advance.

Step 2

At the start of your birthday month, you will receive a birthday points bonus.

Step 3

Click here to redeem 15% off coupon with your birthday points. Remember to use the discount code at the checkout page.

Does not stack with 10% member discount. Excludes stringing service and shuttlecocks.

Become a member now

To get started, click here to register your account.